What Happens in an Intuitive Session?

Well, essentially, you do!

Sessions are usually about one hour.  They will typically involve you lying down for part of the hour and sitting or standing for the rest.  I will make a gentle, non-intrusive connection with you with my hands.  This allows me to best tune into your system and ‘know’ what you need and what I can provide.  People generally find this very calming, sometimes energising, never bothersome.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?

It very much depends on what you are trying to achieve. It is possible to have one session, but it is best viewed as a two-way process of discovery which builds over a number of weeks.

After the initial ‘reading’ sessions of tuning in and reflecting back to you, you may wish to go on to work with me to develop habits of thought and action that will support you going forward.  I work with the tools I have developed over 30 years as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, voice and movement coach, in tandem with continuing intuitive guidance.


Fees & Appointments

A single one hour session costs £55.00.

A commitment of 6 weekly, or twice weekly, sessions is £270 (£45 per session equivalent).

Intuitive Coaching and Alexander Technique follow-on lessons remain £45.00 (normally 45 minutes).

If you have questions or are not sure this is right for you, I encourage you to schedule an introductory session to start and just come with an open mind and see where we get to! 

Get in Touch

Tel: 07502 304035

Email: quintin@intuitive-coach.co.uk


On the Kennet Riverside in the Centre of Reading

23 minutes from London Paddington and 8 minutes walk from Reading Station