About Quintin

Intuition & Me

For a very long time I have seemed to be able to tune into other people, to see and feel things that others don’t.  For a time I was confused by this and sometimes it felt overwhelming.  Until it was explained to me that this is a gift; an ability that I can develop and be able to help people in many different ways.

So I went on to explore it in more depth and undertake ‘psychic training’ to help me develop and deal with my skills.  I now see it as a huge privilege to be able to use these abilities to support people who are seeking clarity and greater awareness and want to invest in their personal development, whatever their individual goals.

I have found it very complementary to my career as a voice, acting and performance coach and teacher of the Alexander Technique.  I am very passionate about empowering my clients to realise their potential, to better gain control of their life, their thinking and emotions, rather than continue to be swept along at less than their best with little awareness.

And to be able to do it in a really practical and down to earth way that people understand and enjoy.


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On the Kennet Riverside in the Centre of Reading

23 minutes from London Paddington and 8 minutes walk from Reading Station