If you are reading this, you are probably feeling stuck, overwhelmed or dissatisfied with your life in some way. You may feel you don’t know what to do about it. Or you may have an idea but lack the courage or tools to act on it.

But, probably without knowing it, you may already have all the information you need.

I have the ability to read this information and am therefore able to help you better understand yourself and the situation(s) in which you find yourself and, coupled with  30 years experience in coaching and self-development, help you towards workable solutions.

Getting ‘unstuck’, knowing which path to take or what to do about a problem can be very challenging at times. As an intuitive coach I am here to guide you.


Intuitive Coaching

How Does It Work?

As an intuitive coach, I am highly tuned to the vibrations of people’s nervous system and psyche.  By ‘tuning in’ to you, I am able to see, hear and feel things that you are not consciously aware of.  I try not to edit what arises, or decide what you need or can accept – I get what I get, then offer that back to you as it comes.

But I will try to help you interpret it in your own life and we can go on to work on developing skills to allow you to act on that greater understanding and improve your life and wellbeing.


  • My job as an INTUITIVE is to act as a channel to tune into whatever comes up and reflect it back to you.

  • My job as a COACH is then to help you develop new skills to better deal with what is uncovered and to meet the goals you seek to achieve.


About Quintin

Intuition & Me

For a very long time I have seemed to be able to tune into other people, to see and feel things that others don’t.  For a time I was confused by this and sometimes it felt overwhelming.  Until I learned that it is a gift; an ability that I can develop and be able to help people in many different ways.

In 30 years as an actor, coach and teacher of the Alexander Technique, I have developed a very practical set of skills  which complements my intuition.  This enables me to offer a unique approach to helping people get the best out of themselves and realise their potential. 

Expect a lot of discovery, some lightbulb moments, some laughs and the occasional 'kick up the backside' to get going with your life!

Get in Touch

Tel: 07502 304035

Email: quintin@intuitive-coach.co.uk


On the Kennet Riverside in the Centre of Reading

23 minutes from London Paddington and 8 minutes walk from Reading Station